About Us

Rose de Borman and Caitlin Hinshelwood are both independent textile designers, who met at the University of Brighton. They work individually throughout the year on projects ranging from fashion, interiors, painting, ceramics and illustration. They join forces during the Field Work shops, devised by the pair in 2009, in order to exhibit their respective hand printed textiles, artworks, personal projects and whimsies in a curated setting, alongside other artists they admire. Both of their work is rooted in drawing and painting and they share a strong belief and respect for hand craftsmanship. Many items in their collections are considered one off pieces. 

Field Work is set up to look like a permanent shop, becoming a carefully curated space and shopping experience. The ethos of the shop is to celebrate independent artists, designers and makers producing beautifully crafted and often playful pieces housed alongside trinkets, decorations and the like sourced from travels abroad but selected for the same reasons. 

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